Nouman Ijaz Chatha sahib
Secretary Umumi

Department of Umumi

The Department of ‘Umumi maintains records of the Majlis activities and co-ordinates between Markaz and Majlis. Also, it administers the secretariat of the Majlis.

Plan for 2023-2024

  • Submission of Amila (Regional by Nov 13, Local by Nov 20)
  • Monthly Amila meetings (with at least 50% attendance)
  • Monthly Ijlas Aam – (Major Focus)
  • Monthly Saiq Form
    • Available during last 10 days of the month.
  • Monthly Reports on IMS portal
    • Local Report due 5th of the following month
    • Regional Report due 10th of the following month
  • Local and Regional Ijtima`at
    • Local Ijtima Dates (by Jan 30th)
    • Regional Ijtima Dates (by April 15th)


All local majalis are required to hold one Ijlas-e-Aam every month.

Saiq Form

Complete your Saiq Form every month during the last 5 days of the month!

Ijtimā’ Package 2024

Please refer to following documents that are being provided for your Local & Regional Ijtimā ...