Responsibilities of Regional Nazim

Train and educate Atfāl in Islamic ways and to inculcate in them the love of Allah and the Holy Prophet (saw), the spirit of serving Islam, country and mankind and to strive for their welfare.

✓ Submit Monthly Regional Report before 10thof each month
✓ Timely submission of Atfāl Monthly Report for each Majlis (5th of every month)
✓ Continuous visits to Ta’līmī classes and sports sessions of the Majālis every month
Conduct Refresher courses for all local Nāzimīn Atfāl and his ‘Āmila
Hold monthly meeting of Regional Nāzim with:

  • Nāzimīn Majlis
  • National Markaz

✓ Ensure Ta‘līmi, Tarbiyati, Sports and Waqār ‘Amāl activities are taking place in each Majlis with good participation
✓ Effectively communicate information between Markaz and Majlis
✓ Visit Ijlās ‘Ām, Ijlās ‘Āmila of all Majālis at least once every 3 months
✓ Schedule midyear reviews of all Majālis in co-ordination with Markaz
✓ Arrange and monitor the following competitions on monthly basis

  • Misāli (Exemplary) Tifl competition among Atfāl on Majālis level
  • Namāz Hāzrī competition among Atfāl on Majālis level
  • Best Majlis competition among Majālis of the Region (Running Trophy)

✓ Arrange and ensure Atfāl participation in various programs or sessions in co-ordination with Markaz.
✓ Make special efforts to make Tarbiyati Camps, Parent Days, `Ashra Jāt and other events on the calendar successful.