Rules and Regulations

  • Majlis Atfālul Ahmadīyya shall function under the supervision of Majlis Khuddāmul Ahmadīyya.
  • The supreme officer of Majlis Atfālul Ahmadīyya shall be called Muhtamim Atfāl and shall be a member of Majlis ‘Āmila of Khuddāmul Ahmadīyya Mulk.
  • Majlis Atfālul Ahmadīyya Muqāmi shall be subordinate to Qā’id Majlis.
  • Every Ahmadī child from 7 to 15 years shall be a member of Majlis Atfālul Ahmadīyya. But, those Atfāl who complete their 15 years of age during the year ending on October 31st shall join Majlis Khuddāmul Ahmadīyya as from the beginning of the New Year, i.e. November 1st.
  • Qā’idīn or Zu’mā shall appoint Murabbīyan to supervise and train Majlis Atfālul Ahmadīyya.
  • Murabbīyan Atfālul shall be nominated from among the sincere, trustworthy and kind-hearted members of the Jamā’at, preferably from the members of the Ansārullah.
  • Aims and objects of Majlis Atfālul Ahmadīyya shall be the same as those of the Majlis Khuddāmul Ahmadīyya.
  • Muhtamim Atfāl shall train Atfālul Ahmadīyya in the Islāmic way, for example:
    a. He shall impart preliminary knowledge concerning religion, nation and country to Atfāl.
    b. He shall make appropriate arrangement of sports and exercises for the sake of physical health of Atfāl.
    c. He shall adopt means to safeguard Atfāl from the evils of the environment, and shall exhort to inculcate in them excellent morals.
    d. He shall make them abide by the timing of education.
  • The rate of subscription of Atfālul Ahmadīyya shall be fixed with the approval of Sadr Majlis.
  • The subscription shall be received against receipts issued by Jāma’at